Derby & Emma C1 - Dual Import
Ready to go home: June 27, 2022
SIRE: VA5 Yoker vom Pendler IPO3
DAM: Triksi Fixfrutta IPO1
  Emma Von Shiphra
SIRE: Dasty Emsi-Haus
DAM: Bally vom Team Panoniansee
Litter details
Whelping Date:
April 27, 2022 

Emma is a Large absolutely stunning female. Great disposition, character and a gentle soul. The Perfect Female GSD IMO. She has an excellent structure and pigmentation she passes to her pups. She is matched with The amazing Derby! He is direct son of VA5 BSZS 2015 Yoker vom Pendler IPO3 and hails from many champions that make up his bloodline.