Female Dogs

Emma Von Shiphra
SIRE: Dasty Emsi-Haus
DAM: Bally vom Team Panoniansee
Emma is a Large absolutely stunning female. Great disposition, character and a gentle soul. The Perfect Female GSD IMO. She has an excellent structure and pigmentation she passes...
Regal Katchina Von Shipra
SIRE: SG Enrico von der Werther-Mühle IPO2 Kkl 1
DAM: Conbhairean Magy
Katchina: Amazing import female with great color and structure. Her Father, SG Enrico von der Werther-Mühle IPO2 Kkl 1, placed 25th in the world. Katchina has a serious all...
Aurora Von Shipra
SIRE: Derby-Von-Panonianese
DAM: Neda-OD-Stepe-Stjepanovica
Wonderful girl. Meet Aurora Von Shiphra, one of our wonderful girls. She has great structure, nice colours and a rich pigmented coat with nice blacks. Her temperament is a perfect...