How To Co-Own A Puppy


From time to time we will offer a select few puppies available for our co-own program. Our co-ownership program is fairly simple. There is a co-ownership contract in detail which the breeder and co-owner sign and agree to.


Basically you get the breeders pick! The top pick puppy from that litter and you get him or her for a seriously discounted price. If Sold as a breeding dog for example the price for a top quality breeding puppy varies depending on the parents, but is usually anywhere from $2200 -$3500. You will pay anywhere from $1000 – $1800 for a co-owned puppy. So pretty much at least half price.

Depending on the co-owner (the customer) Co-ownership contract varies to suit the needs of breeder and that specific co-owner.


Usual terms are something like this. The breeder wants to ensure the bloodline he has worked hard to get. So he offers this puppy or dog to a great qualified home to live in forever and have a happy full life of love, exercise and companionship. One on one attention the breeder cannot always give. The 2 parties agree to have a set number of litters, in this case I usually prefer only 1-2 breedings. A short commitment just to ensure the future of the bloodline and not to breed this dog continuously just to make money from puppies. This is what a responsible breeder will do. The co-owner will receive at least 1 puppy or the selling price of, based on the current market value at that time from each litter. Again usually only 1 sometimes 2 litters are promised.


After agreement us fulfilled the co-owner then has to spay or neuter the dog and full ownership is then transferred. Contract is then over. In the end the co-owner gets a $3000 – $5000 dog for free and they only committed to one or 2 litters. If 2 they usually make money in the end. A co-ownership is not about making money however. A breeding is to take place on the second or 3rd heat at the breeder’s discretion and not when the co-owner wants. The co-owner notifies the breeder of the first signs of heat (first drop of blood), every heat, whether breeder wishes to breed that heat or not.

Day to day care is the responsibility of Co-owner and any breeding expenses or vet care is the responsibility of breeder.


Puppies are to be whelped at the breeders house normally, unless otherwise stated or agreed to. Owner collects dog after 8 weeks and puppies are ready to go. So yes you miss your dog for 2 months out of her life. Not a that bad of a commitment for the compensation you receive. Then you and your dog live happily ever after.

There are certain cases where changes and options are made and agreed to. Discuss it before agreement is made and signed so all parties are happy. You also get one on one breeders helpful hints and recommendations, inside secrets and training. 24/7 access. We want to ensure your dogs wellbeing as we both have an interest in it. All Co-ownership programs to date have went hassle free when agreement was followed.