Purchase Puppy

Tell us about what you are looking for in a puppy, help us match the puppy to your lifestyle in every way:

If you are an active person, eg: you are always hiking, going to cottage, jogging, biking, you live in the country and have loads of room for them to run, or love to play fetch alot etc.... Then a medium or medium high prey drive is ok. If you are in the city and work 8 hours a day, and walk your dog on a leash with only 2 runs a week. Then medium drive is what you want. Please note most are medium already. If you do not know or need help just say please help with this answer.

Leave blank if you do not know yet. Or cut and paste links below in a new tab in your browser to go look.

ex: if you want to take a puppy home in the month of april, type april or april/may. Unless you know which litter letter and date you want. If you want one now say ASAP. or give explanation.

Please state why you feel you can handle a real German male Dog. Having a male in the past doesn't always give you the experience. Depending if they were perhaps an American German bred for calmer temperament. These guys are sons of world champion blood lines. Which means they are tough as nails and Owner/Handler should have the know how, the experience, or capable of mental or physical dominance over the male. If you have any questions or concerns about this please give me a call. Thank you!

eg: We have 3 cats and 2 dogs, one is a 4 year old male austalian Shepherd, the other is a Shih-Tzu Mix with Yorkie, she is a female.

We don't' care if you have a fenced in yard.

Thank you for completing our application process, we look forward to working with you.

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