That’s it! If you have successfully submitted all the previous forms and steps than you have now placed a deposit on a puppy. We will be contacting you shortly once the deposit and contracts have been received with an invoice with your deposit shown as received, balance owing, and puppy pick order.

**Reminder**: All Puppies are reserved in order of deposit received. If you are the 3rd deposit on a litter, you get 3rd pick for that gender. Possibly 1st pick if pick 1 & 2 are choosing males and you want a female. So you would be marked down as 1st pick for a female.

We grade them in 2 classes. Select and Excellent. Excellent are good to breed, show, Schutzhund and more. Select puppies are cheaper in price and are on a non breeding contract. Most of our customers pick select for a companion dog. Some pick excellent just because they want to know they have the best pup and never actually show them.

Thank you, we really appreciate your business and are glad to have you as part of  Loves Family!