Love’s German Shepherds Puppy Contract & Guarantee

By filling this form out, the (Buyer) agrees to all Statements, Check Boxes, Terms & Conditions below.

Puppy contract & gurantee

If a name has not been assigned yet please leave blank, or put collar color if you know it. If you do
know it then type first name in front of Von Love. We usually name after they go home as per litter letter. eg: L litter all names will start with L like Lina or Lenny, Laura etc...

Please note Excellent gives you absolute 1st pick over select picks.

Puppy Selection Grade

We have all our puppies graded for perfection. We will not allow a puppy to go out on a breeding contract, or have a customer buy a puppy to Show that is less than perfect and able to produce the highest quality to insure the future of our lines. In these gradings even the lowest grade is very high quality but may fall short of total perfection as far as structure, movement etc.. for show purposes.

All puppies are also temperament tested and rated accordingly. We then match the temperament to the owner finding a perfect match.

Terms and Conditions (NEW)

This said dog is purchased as a pet only and must be spayed or neutered no earlier than 12 Months and no later 24 months from the date of sale. This is a new policy for new science that says it is actually healthier for the dog to be spayed or neutered at a later date like 24 months. The later the better. But no later than 2 years! Proof will the be required or you will be in breach! A dogs heat cycle is 21 days, so please don’t’ think after they sop bleeding they are ok NO, keep inside and monitored until 21 days to keep from getting pregnant. If it does happen by accident you must let us know, you will not be in trouble but we have to deal with what’s at hand and the Love name and offsprings, to protect our kennel name. Failure to abide by this Number 1 Rule will result in a total breach of this contract, penalties are listed below in the breach section but will also and can include, a null and void guarantee from that date forward, possible repossession, no full ownership given, law suit and more.

The breeder offers a 5 year health guarantee for any life threatening genetic diseases within the breed. Our 5 Year Guarantee for hips, elbows and eyes (age of pup 1 day to 2 years of age) cover Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (“OFA”) certification of hips (fair, good, or excellent) or PennHIP Rating (pass), and eye clearance by a certified ophthalmologist. To have the full 5 year you must clear the exam by 2 ½ years of age or this guarantee is null and void for hips and elbows and eyes only.
5 YEAR Guarantee on any major health issue caused from bad genetics and proven by a veterinarian is included in this contract.

To the best of our knowledge the pup has left 100% healthy and thriving or it is recommended not to take the puppy. If you feel your pup picked up a communicable disease prior to leaving our premises, vet certification is required within 72 hours after delivery or pick up. If you feel pet is ok, the 72 hour rule can be discarded. Buyer understands that the Guaranties or ownership do not transfer to any other party. The breeder will not pay any vet bills, all vet bills are the responsibility of the new owner(s). The Breeder will not cover the cost of any medication without prior consent.

Vaccines and Vet Visit:
Second vaccines and vet exam is required within 30 days of that date. If the puppy does not pass the vet check for serious life threatening health reasons only, which does not include a grade 1 or 2 heart murmur, umbilical hernia’s, the seller will replace the puppy with a new one. If one is no longer available the buyer will have the choice to pick from the next litter of pups. If problem does exist, a letter from the veterinarian describing the problem encountered must be given to seller. Note: The illness must be life threatening or disable the pup from having an otherwise normal life. Breeder reserves the right to a second opinion from his own vet.

The buyer also understands that the guarantee will not cover or include common diseases, infections, or minor flaws, parasites, such as Coccidiosis, Hypoglycemia, Gardia, eye infections, heart murmurs, urinary tract infections or worms of any kind, non-descending testicle, pano or umbilical hernia for example.

If the pup should have any MAJOR defects which is hereditary in nature and not the proximate cause of an injury or illness or abuse (including overfeeding the pup by his first birthday, Seller agrees to replace the pup with an equal or better quality pup from the first available litter.

NEW CLAUSE! If pup is diagnosed and reexamined by our vet to be unhealthy in a life threatening way We will offer you a puppy in exchange or $500 to help compensate you for expenses accumulated. No more financial compensation will be offered. If you Choose to keep pup and it is proven he has such an illness $500 max compensation will occur. We know people fall in love with their pets and may want to keep them. This has only happened once to us and we have since changed our policy out of compassion.

If Seller is given evidence by any person including an animal control office or local town office, person or neighbor that this pup is suffering or has
suffered from abuse and/or neglect, or the seller has learned of. Buyer agrees that Seller has the right to pick up the pup and Buyer forfeits all rights interest and right to any refund of the purchase price or expenses related to the pup’s care and welfare. Buyer agrees to this Abuse and Neglect section as stated herein and agrees that they are not the full owner until 2 years of age and breeder has sent an updated invoice/ownership as such to the seller. Dog is to be returned to Seller within one week of the incident. If Court deems necessary, buyer is responsible for all fees and costs associated with the return of the dog and court cases etc..


Dog is not owned by the caregiver until 16 months of age. This gives the owner ample time to raise and instill good behavior and training. At any time the caregiver of the dog or puppy can be asked for their dog to be assessed by the breeder at the breeders facility. This is to make sure puppy or dog is being raised properly with no aggression, fear aggression, fear biting, children aggressive, crated, or any other bad behaviors that may have them put down or at risk to the public or kids. If breeder has become aware of this possibility, the caregiver must bring dog to the breeder for an overnight stay to asses. Failure to do so will indicate there is a problem and breeder can ask for his dog back with police enforcement! If during this assessment the breeder finds major aggression issues that will in turn could lead to euthanasia or someone getting hurt because of lack of training or upbringing. Breeder reserves the right to keep dog and attempt to fix all issues which will cost time and money. Dog may not be returned in this case. If it is a small issue, owners will have to pay for the necessary training of dog and handler.
The best way to avoid ALL of this is to raise puppy the right way. Breeder has supplied training and help, videos, manuals and more than enough material to ensure this pups handler can do the job properly. NEVER be scared to ask for help we usually do what we call a boot camp and problem is solved.

The puppy must be given proper shade and housing, be sufficiently fed and watered, and in no manner mistreated. The puppy must always receive proper nutrition, yearly veterinarian examinations, and proper exercise and live in a healthy environment. The buyer must also agree to let the puppy spend some of its day in companionship with its new owner, and provide a secure area in which puppy can play and exercise. The dog or puppy on this contract must never be chained up or left alone for long periods of time, left in garage or have no companionship, contact or training. If at any time the seller hears about or feels the seller cannot handle the dog or the puppy is out of control, the seller reserves the right to take said puppy back for training for the pup’s sake, the public and the owners. The seller will then determine if the seller is still suitable to have such a dog. If not the dog will be the seller’s property in full and all documents and ownership will go back to the seller with no possibility of a refund or a replacement pup. It is at the seller’s discretion if he feels the owners are not suitable for such a breed at that time or have compromised the health, well being or future of this dog.

It has happened a couple times now where we found out people lied on application or has sent someone in their place to pick up puppy and this person has no idea how to raise a puppy or hold a puppy, feed, let out etc… We now reserve the right to refuse to release the puppy to an owner who we feel the puppy will be neglected or abused, mistreated or otherwise. Your job was to tell the truth during the application and do you research about how to raise a puppy, ask questions and have general knowledge for caring for a puppy. Refusing to crate train or wanting to pee pad train, leaving your puppy 10 hours alone at home, not knowing how to feed or when to let out is all tell tale signs of a disaster. We here at Love’s Dog House have witnessed this and eventually the puppy does come back and it considered neglected, abused, mistreated etc… whether you think you loved the puppy or not is irrelevant. The puppy then needs rehabilitation, training and time to fix. So if refused on puppy pickup, $500 will be re-reimbursed. The other is kept for wasting this breeders and puppies time and held as a non refundable deposit. It will take time to find said puppy a new home and will be homed severely reduced just to get it into a home asap! We do not care about finances, we care about the care and love of our puppies. If you are refused and or lied on the application we will refund $500 Max!

If at any time, the Buyer can no longer provide a suitable and such an environment, or the puppy is being mistreated, tied up, confined, abused, starved or undernourished, moving, can’t keep for any reason, can’t
handle anymore or train, or for any reason the seller sees fit or appropriate, the puppy will be returned to Seller with no possibility of a refund. In some extreme cases authorities are called and the dog is confiscated as per this contract. Any collection fees and prosecution will also apply! Bottom line is!!! We are protecting our dogs we breed and their full well being and future.
If for some reason you need to re home the puppy or dog, the buyer must contact the seller immediately. The dog must be returned to the seller only. The Dog is NOT to be given, transferred, sold or put up for sale on any classified site such as kijiji, or sold to anyone else or put for adoption or given to a friend or family member, OR court will follow and charges will be laid. Owner agrees that a default Judgement for no lower than $2500 should be given if dog is already rehomed or contract not followed. Very simply put a bad owner usually wants compensation for their dog and doesn’t really care where it goes. We do. We have seen dogs put down because they were bounced from home to home. This will only happen once, we will insure a perfect forever replacement! The dog is automatically property of Debbie and Mike Love or Love’s Shepherds, once it has been removed from owners home.

The puppy is sold to the person on this contract and is non-transferable whatsoever. The breeder reserves the right to keep or re-home puppy. The Love’s Dog House Kennel name and Breeds reputation is at hand. We do not want dogs re-homed by owners who are a problem or may possibly be sold to the wrong owner. Our MAIN concern is the welfare of the dog or puppy. Not the money!

Return Policy
Absolutely no refund is to be expected in the return of a pup. A mutual agreement can be agreed upon but is not expected. No separate contract will be drawn up, this is the only contract for the life of the pup. The breeder may offer a partial refund if dog is rehomed. No money will be paid out until the pup is rehomed and paid for. If agreed upon, breeder will then have 30 days to send refund payment to the seller.
We do not want returns! It is not good for the puppy, the breeder or the owners. We do however care about our puppies and want them in a home asap. In the event of an unforeseen return with good reason, the breeder can offer compensation as listed above but is not required too. In the event of a return that is less than satisfactory reason, eg: Wife did not want the dog, or it was a gift, or surprise. I am allergic, or wasn’t expecting puppy to bite and chew. The breeder will return dog and rehome as listed above also, but is in no way responsible for any refund payment. It is however crucial this puppy be rehomed as resentment and abuse may follow. The breeder can offer something after pup is sold but note that it could take time and training and every situation is different. In this case you MUST return pup regardless of what you paid. If found sold or re-homed without the knowledge of the breeder, breach of contract will be taken place in the Region of Napanee Ontario. Breeder will NOT sign or agree to any financial compensation.

THIS IS A NON BREEDING CONTRACT! All below mentioned Breeding terms and conditions are only in affect under special circumstances when the Seller Love’s Shepherds, agrees to a breeding contract and issues the seller full Ownership with breeding rights. Full breeding rights must also be written at the bottom of this contract or there is no such rights given. Owner is not to Breed or sell any offspring from the dog in any pet store or wholesale outlet.

Written Ownership will be provided to the new owner once, I the breeder, receive and confirm receipt of the proof of spay or neuter. Please note that in accordance with By Laws, I have 6 months from the date of receiving confirmation of spay or neuter to provide you with the duly transferred written ownership. IF She or he is Spayed or neutered in above mentioned time frame ONLY! We put a lot of effort in planning, costs, health checks, research etc.. into our breed and our dogs.

Breech of the Conditions
If Buyer uses this pup for breeding prior to doing or meeting any of the aforementioned conditions, Buyer will be in breach of contract. Penalties for breach are the 5 year Guaranties are null and void, Buyer will pay Seller a Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) breach of contract and for the Love’s line, Buyer will have to return dog and all the pups as they have NO right to them, legal action and any costs thereof shall be borne by Buyer should Seller sue for breach of contract.

Return of pup will be totally at Buyer’s expense and there will be no refund of purchase price. Ownership of the pup for shall revert totally back to Seller. Buyer agrees to sign over ownership at that time and therefore not incur legal
costs. Buyer understands further legal action and/or monetary awards may be taken if the pup is not returned in excellent health and condition. Ownership will be sent to new owner via written and updated invoice.

Other costs
Shipping: Buyer agrees to pay a $89.00 puppy vet check plus any flight expenses if this pup is shipped via air. A crate furnished by Seller shall be reimbursed by Buyer at an agreed upon cost prior to shipping. Costs are paid up front prior to shipping or the pup will be held until funds are received. Buyer agrees that if funds are not received by the time the pup turns 8 weeks of age, or buyer cancels for whatever reason without at least a one month notice, buyer forfeits all rights to the pup and all payments towards that puppy. The pup will then be placed in another home. If asked to hold pup until second vaccines, those vaccines are the Buyers responsibility and possible boarding fees.

Kennel name
The pup’s name must include the name “Von Shiphra” in any documents. No other kennel name may be used in naming this pup unless written permission is given by Seller. Breach of this will nullify all guaranties and possibly result in a lawsuit. Buyer agrees that the pup’s name will begin with the Litter Letter, and understands that the pup may use a call name but it will not be his/her legal name.

German Imports & SV standards
Most of our dogs are German or Serbian Imports. FCI and or SV Germany Registered. The SV way is the highest Quality way of breeding standards. Adults must be 2 years of age, pass all hip and elbow tests, earn a working title like SCH1 and a SV rating like V1 Excellent. THEN given the “KKL” title (koerklasse), the breed survey. So they are awarded the right to breed as a top female breeding dog. Unlike Canadian Standards which will allow you to breed a 6 month old female with full blown hip dysplasia. There is no verification process. So you are getting a quality Dog or puppy guaranteed. To transfer SV or FCI registration to Canada is a process in which can take up to a year and is sometimes very tedious. The Breeder reserves the right to not do this unless discussed in advance and agreed upon. Extra money time and effort is needed and would need to know well in advance as we have to have the Canadian Club inspect such imports before registration is given. Unless specifically stated on invoice or contract, the breeder will not do this process. You are buying an imported top quality puppy.

Picking pup
Pups are sold based on temperament of the puppy and temperament of the buyer. Seller retains the right to refuse to sell a pup that the seller feels is not a good match for the buyer. Buyer can then pick another pup, or roll the deposit to another litter. Buyer shall make Buyer’s pick no later than 8 weeks of age.

Your pick number is based on when your deposit was given. Pick number means you are pick 2 or 3 for a male or female in that litter. It does not mean you get absolute pick if the temperament does not match owner. If a puppy dies and you were 3rd pick and there are only 2 pups of that sex left, you must be bounced to a future litter. Pups may be picked up as early as 8 weeks of age, any later arrangements can be made and crate training fees may apply. Pups that stay later than 10 weeks will be charged a $150.00 a week boarding fee and training. Pups shipped via air will not be shipped until 8 or 12 weeks of age, depending on Air Line used. Seller states all pups will have had their first vaccinations, and have been timely wormed and will come with puppy package. If in the even temperament has changed after the owner has taken pup home and the seller asks for the pup back to be placed to the proper home, or trained. The buyer must comply and will get a new puppy from a following litter. Sometimes this does happen.

Food & Nutrition
Puppies should not change their food they are use to from the breeder for at least 3 weeks to ensure coccidia (a parasite requiring antibiotics) does not affect the pup.
Food plays a very important role also. Food for a German Shepherd needs to be adequate to insure and promote healthy bones, hips, teeth, heart and more. We insist on a good quality kibble or Raw diet is optimum and favored. As food change all the time, names of good foods will not be on this contract but some examples are given. Royal Canine being almost the lowest quality accepted. Some examples include as of Feb 1st 2011, Taste of the wild, Orijen, Acana, Artemis, blue wilderness, before grain, Fromm, Innova, Wellness core, Blue Buffalo. These are 5 and 6 star rated food on Most are grain free and corn free. No fillers. We know food and you should take advice. Cancer ingredients are found in other known foods. If you bought a puppy from us it was not cheap so please do not be cheap on their health and well-being. It will also result in voiding this guarantee.
RAW FOOD beats all Kibble without a doubt and has
Unlimited benefits for their future health and well being. Including being cancer free at too young of an age.

NuVet Supplement

We also give our dogs/puppies NuVet Plus which is an immune system builder, not just a vitamin.

Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature, the terms of this guarantee will not be honored unless they are given NuVet Plus immune system builder, as directed by the manufacturer, for the entire guarantee period. Failure to do so will render this guarantee null and void except where prohibited by law and for the spay and neuter section. We also highly recommend you to continue to give your pet NuVet Plus beyond the guarantee period to promote optimal health for a lifetime.

The health guarantee does not cover for any accidents, negligent, or behavioral problems or poisoning.
The health guarantee is void if the puppy/dog is transferred to a new owner.

The buyer understand that this is a binding contract and by signing this PUPPY CONTRACT & BILL OF SALE that you are to abide by ALL of the conditions and terms. I have signed this agreement, showing that I understand and agree to ALL the agreements and terms. I also understand that by signing this contract, I will lose all rights and ownership of the said puppy and its registration papers IF I choose not to abide by ALL of the aforementioned stated conditions. If I violate this signed contract, the Breeder has the right to take the said puppy back into Seller’s possession with no possible reimbursement of any kind, and all rights and ownership will be transformed back to the seller.

Breeder retains the right to not sell a specific gender to a customer if he feels the customer cannot handle such a dog or his or her temperament. They are all temperament tested before 8 weeks. If there is a really strong male for example and customer needs a soft male because they insisted on a male. They must chose a different sex or a different litter. This is very important. The breeder has seen too many males come back that are aggressive, spoiled or ruined because customers did not do the required crate training for or raising puppy. Customer agrees to follow puppy manual given or this contract is null and void except for neutering or spaying requirement. We care about the adult version temperament of these dogs. All our dogs as it is our reputation with all Love’s dogs and we raise them up to 8 weeks old with great care to ensure the future of our bloodlines. The breeder also reserves the right to not sell a customer the ordered gender to someone who does not agree with the puppy go home manual found in the private New Owners Info Center doc section of website. Females are much more trainable and less likely to grow up to be an out of control dog. Males are a very Serious commitment as these are REAL GERMAN strong bloodlines. Not everyone can handle a real German male GSD. They come from World Champion Parents and bloodlines. They are serious breed and should be treated as such.

If there is any unpaid balance on invoice after the puppy leaves our kennel it is due when promised. OR within 30 Days of invoice. The puppy remains the property of Love’s Shepherds and Debbie and Mike Love until invoice is paid in full. Police enforcement can be used in such cases as it is our property until paid in full. When you sign this document you are agreeing that you accept we can collect puppy at anytime if the invoice is not paid in full. Any Costs, court, collections, or other fees to collect puppy will then be your responsibility to pay. You accept the fact that you will be put in collections and your name or names can be also put in the credit bureau’s. Wages Garnished and court will follow.

Legal action

You also agree that if you are first pick select and someone pays the upgrade fee at anytime before go home date, that you will still get 1st pick select but not 1st pick of the litter which would be an excellent. You may also chose to upgrade yourself so this doesn’t happen or you don’t get bumped to second place. Also last place in litter can upgrade at anytime also to get the first pick excellent status.

I have read the above conditions of deposit / sale. I understand and I agree to all conditions of sale as indicated by my signature below.

Terms and conditions