Puppy Go Home Day Info

Please bring your last payment or send via e-transfer before you get here to make things easier and faster on go home day. Your invoice will already be printed out and you are set to go!

Puppy contract, food orders, supplements ordered etc…. should have already been done, but if you were missed or didn’t get a reminder then log into the info center and fill out form 1, 2, and 3. We no longer accept someone coming for you for legal reasons.

A small travel crate if you live far is ideal! Could be a cat crate as long as they fit inside. They are the size of a full grown cat max. So this will be perfect! If not or you don’t have one it is ok. We do not feed on puppy go home day as they would throw up or poop on the way home with the stress of the new car ride and the excitement. Sometimes they still do but very rarely. This is why crate is good keeps them secure and happy. If you do not, just flip your car mat if the start to vomit. Or put garbage bag down on your floor then a towel.

Be prepared for 2 hours to be here. We are not fans of getting rushed through the process as it is stressful and ruins the relaxed atmosphere for all the people and the puppies. Most of all it throws things out of whack and we will have to quickly explain to you things you need to know about vaccines etc… and slows the whole go home down as people wait for this.