Puppy Pick Process

Puppy Pick Procedure So you have placed a deposit on a litter and want to know the procedure before go home day. Here it is. We observe the puppies growing up. After 4 weeks they start mingling and eating solid raw food. At 5­6 weeks we notice small temperament traits, but not enough to confirm what their temperaments will be like. So what we do is wait until just before go home day 7­8 weeks. We then observe, grade and temperament test the puppies. So we will have a pretty good idea of who is who. We then explain on go home day to each customer or group what the temperament traits are in each puppy, so they know what to expect and how to handle that puppy.

It is important to know what and who your puppy is. Eg: Alpha, high drive, med temperament etc…… Buying a GSD puppy it is always expected that a GSD puppy customer can handle any trait. We cannot absolutely guarantee that 1 out of that litter will be extremely relaxed, in fact this is rarely the case as they are German Shepherds.

We will point out to the customer which puppy or puppies has the temperament they are looking for, or close to it. Then they chose accordingly. If you need a puppy with the absolute closest to what you want, we suggest you upgrade to first pick excellent at anytime as long as it is available, the price is usually $300. This guarantees you absolute first pick and no one can take the puppy that has your perfect temperament. Pick order is based on when your deposit was received. IF there is no first pick excellent on a litter you can opt in for that and jump right to
the front. Those that don’t understand that if they buy when 2nd pick is available if someone upgrades that are say 3rd pick, they will be bumped down to 3rd pick.

We have found with experience this is the fairest way to deal with pick orders. Also note that last pick is never usually last pick. Meaning just because you are last pick of a litter does not mean you get the one no one wants. It is quite the opposite and usually works out in every litter. Everyone has different needs and wants. Sometimes the temperaments are all the same or similar. They are ALL beautiful and no ugly ducklings in our litters. In a lot of cases we have observed last pick getting their 1st or second choice in that litter anyways.

Also I the breeder try to steer you towards the temperament and the puppy that is right for your family. IF it is not right and you chose that puppy I will give you a big or a small warning that this puppy is not for you, and for good cause. We have several years of experience knowing what puppy may or may not fit in a family and we are usually spot on. The returns if any have been from those people who refused to listen in every case.