Puppy Pre-Go Home Quiz

Love’s German Shepherds

Pre Go Home Quiz & Agreement

Instructions: Please enter your information. The purpose of this is to make sure that customers understand what to do when they get their new puppy home. We have online files in facebook and on our website. Bring home a new puppy manual, training videos and more. We really want to make sure you have read and know the basics otherwise a bad start could damage your relationship with your puppy and the puppy’s chance of success.

We care! If your puppy or you are doing all the wrong things after a month it could be disastrous. It is a very important time to get the puppy house trained and crate trained and learning the basics. For beginners this will be the key. Do not wait 3 days before asking for help. Any longer will create very bad habits in the puppy.

We understand it may have been a while or this is a different breed for you. So all we ask is you ask for help and , or use the tools we have provided. Thank you. Failure to agree to the basic needs for this puppy can turn into a refusal by the breeder.

It is understood that you agree that you know what you are doing when you purchased a GSD puppy, or you did your home work on the breed as indicated in the original application.

If for any reason the breeder feels that this puppy is going home to owners who have been less than truthful, or a bad environment thus hindering the health, well being or future of this puppy, then we have the right to refuse to finalize the sale of this puppy and may offer him or her to someone else with only HALF of a refund! Why half? Time is valuable! If you are at this point you have wasted alot of the breeders time and effort and are somewhat unwilling to follow through with the basic needs for this puppy. VERY unlikely event, but this may happen!

Puppy pre-go home quiz

IF no please click the puppy manual below to read and answer the questions accurately!

Love’s Shepherds Puppy Manual

loves sheperd puppy manual